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10 tips for a successful
election campaign.

Preparing your campaign can be overwhelming. Don't’ worry, we have helped others in your shoes,
we have a few tried and tested methods to get you noticed in this years local election


First up, set your campaign objectives. What do you hope to achieve? Break these down into SMART goals, this will guide your communications and help you decide which promotional avenues to take, and will serve as a baseline for measuring your success.


Define your target audience, who are you targeting? What do they value? How will you serve them? Where will you reach them?


Once you have set your objectives, and defined your target audience, it's time to focus on your key messaging. Your key messaging should be bit size summaries of your main points - the things you want people to remember the most.

When these things sorted, you can now focus on the practical part of your campaign.


A digital marketing strategy is an essential part of your campaign, it's a great cost effective way to reach people online. The results can be tracked easily and its an excellent way to keep in touch with your audience, we suggest using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few.


Boost awareness with corflute signs, static and digital billboards; community notice boards and of course the back of a bus - these are all great ways to get your message spread throughout your district.


Extend your campaign by using promotional items such as pens, magnets and notepads, these will keep you front of mind, will make you memorable and your voters will thank you for the useful gifts!


Take advantage of your local newspaper features and adverts to promote why you are standing for local council and what you hope to achieve. People really do read those things!


Print is an engaging form of advertising, we are talking about leaflets, post cards, business cards and the like. A letterbox drop is an excellent way to spread your campaign far and wide.


Radio advertising is a fun way to show your personality and verbally communicate your key messaging.


Signwriting for your car...the perfect moving billboard!

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